Golden Triangle, Swamp Blues Album Cover

Big Basile

First Stoplight

Jumpin Judy

Standing In The Rain

Golden Triangle, Swamp Blues Back Cover


  • OffBeat review of “Swamp Blues”

    “The resultant dozen tracks are a comfortable amalgamation of artistry, sensibilities and styles where the personality of each shines through the creative, collaborative arrangements.”


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Golden Triangle: Sam Broussard, Johnny Nicholas and David Greely

The region of cultural overlap between Texas and Louisiana gave birth to some of the richest music ever heard, a place where an industrial labor boom attracted Cajun French, Black brogue and the twang of cowboy English to work and play side-by-side in the streets and juke joints, shifting shapes and sounds to appeal to the homesickness and sense of revelry of each group.

That area of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas became known as the Golden Triangle.

Golden Triangle is a trio of musicians from Texas and Louisiana who interpret and revisit the sounds of the Texas meets Louisiana phenomenon. Johnny Nicholas, alpha Texas Bluesman and Cajun Music gourmet, Sam Broussard, Louisiana guitar shaman, and David Greely, Cajun fiddle master all focus their songwriting, singing and arranging creativity on that confluence of cultures that brings blues, Cajun, creole and swing together.

  • David Greely
    David Greely: vocals, harmonies, fiddle
  • Sam Broussard
    Sam Broussard: vocals, harmonies, electric, acoustic, slide guitars, 6-string banjo
  • Johnny Nicholas
    Johnny Nicholas: vocals, harmonies, acoustic, slide, baritone guitars, mandolin



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